Join us as we dig into the Bible and learn to live the life Jesus died to give us. We will rethink our assumptions, change our attitudes, and rebuild our lifestyles, as we discover his design for life. His Holy Spirit gives us the power to make it happen, once we turn and commit our lives to Christ. Invite your friends. Let’s do God’s boot camp together.

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David and Dan

Co-Founder, Co-Host and Author of Training for Life Redeemed

BA, DipEd, MDiv, ThM , DipEdStds(SpEd), MA(SpEd), PhD. 

He is the author of Crying out for Vindication: The Gospel According to Job (P&R, 2007).

Co-Founder, Co-Host and Author of Training for Life Redeemed

BAppSc, DipEd, MDiv, MA(Theol).

Each episode of Training for Life Redeemed clearly explains specific passages of the Scriptures and helps me to live a full life in Jesus, a redeemed life based on his word.

About us

We are followers of Jesus who love to study and discuss God’s word, The Bible.

Our mission

To explain the meaning and application of the Scriptures to our lives and help other followers of Jesus train for their redeemed life.

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