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David (00:00):

Well, hi everybody. My name’s David Jackson. I’m here with my son, Dan, and I’ve recently retired after teaching the Bible at high school and pastoring churches for the last 40 50 years. And my son decided to be a really cool idea if with all that work in the bag, he would give me a website for my father’s day. So we’re here I’m very excited by this the opportunity to take what we’ve done for so many years, Dan and I together and put it out there for you to enjoy.

Dan (00:34):

Yeah, no, it’s definitely something that I’m quite passionate about it’s actually getting basically everything that’s in your head out on paper, on sites, into audio, in any version I can, to be honest. So part of why we’re making this is to kind of keep a record of everything that you have learned over your years, dad, and also anything that I’ve, I’ve learned as well, and to obviously share this with everyone else why else are you making this? Wow,

David (01:01):

I’m making this. I spent, we’ve spent years dealing with kids and watching kids on the one hand, watch their lives, get in the toilet. And on the other hand, what’s the make wonderful decisions to follow Jesus and no matter what their background to get a life that really works in glows and glorifies God and just presents for all eternity.

Dan (01:23):

Well, each week we’re going to base our episodes on some free notes that you can get covering the entire Bible, looking at a bit of the Bible each week. Now my dad’s actually gone through and translated the pretty much the entire while I was definitely finished the whole old Testament already. And his notes are very much based on that. And also his years of experience teaching and preaching and pastoring and everything else that comes with life as a leader in the Christian space. So that who is this particularly for

David (01:52):

This is for anybody who wants to enjoy the benefits of what Jesus has done for us right here and now getting life right the way it was designed to work, because Jesus doesn’t just give us heaven. He gives us back the life that we ruined. It’s about being trainees or disciples. We’re learning to live in God’s world. God’s way is God’s image for God’s glory.

Dan (02:18):

Yeah. Sounds like a very good summary there. Yeah. Well, we only really get one shot at this life and Jesus died to restore life and he gave us the whole Bible to teach us how that life would work. And the Holy spirit is there to enable us to really do this. So if that is something that you think you’d like to listen to, or you’d like to learn from, please come back and click the subscribe button now, but come back, we actually launched the podcast on the 25th. You’ll then get our first couple of episodes to have listened to et cetera, to make sure you don’t forget that though. Head over to training for life, and subscribe there, and we’ll make sure we send you some emails and you can also check out any the other stuff that we managed to put up on that website before the 25th of January next year.

David (03:04):

So we’re going to do a quick podcast and then chat and introduce you. Then there’s going to be some notes available. If you’re a Sunday school teacher or a parent, you want to read the Bible with your kids. This is a great way to prepare each week to read from the beginning to the end of the Bible over the next two or three years. So we look forward to your feedback and we hope that you’ll join us. This is a very exciting journey.

Dan (03:28):

Thank you very much. We’ll see you then.