Dan Jackson

Dan is the father of two children and husband to Melanie. He regularly attends SOMA Blue Mountains Church in Blaxland where he preaches on occasion and is a Community Group leader.

Having been raised in a Christian home, I gave my life to Jesus during my first year at Bible College while on a College mission in Dubbo. I had a lot of knowledge but was not submitting my life to King Jesus. It was watching the other men and how they allowed Jesus to infuse everything that they did that I realised I was confessing with my lips but not following with my feet. This had to change, and change it did.

In 2006 Dan began his teaching career and has taught Christian/Biblical Studies, Mathematics, and PDHPE. He has been Head Teacher of Biblical Studies and Deputy Principal throughout his career. Currently, he homeschools his children and runs pdhpe.net and TeachersPD helping to develop teachers around the world.

During his time teaching, Dan completed his Master of Divinity and his Master of Arts in Theology.

Dan Jackson

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