Give your child a firm foundation in the gospel

God instructed parents to  tell the stories, and explain the meaning, of God’s saving work to their children (Exodus 12:26–27; 13:14–16). Qs&As4Kids is an instrument to help parents work through the gospel with their children in words a child will remember for the rest of their lives.

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Qs&As4Kids covers the major questions concerning God, People, Jesus, Salvation, the Church, the Future, and Mission, using the International Children’s Bible.  We read the Bible with our kids. This programme helps us work through the truths of the gospel in a logical way. Each Q&A opens up a time of discussion, investigation of the Bible, stimulating children to ask their questions and make connections. Memorisation is part of the process. Over the years these words will come to mind as challenges and issues arise, anchoring a child’s understanding to God’s word. These are times of precious memories that will bless multiple generations.

I have always been a fan of catechisms with the Heidelberg catechism being my favourite. But what has been lacking is a catechism specifically aimed to disciple children which balances the need for clarity, simplicity and biblical faithfulness. David Jackson’s children’s catechism achieves all three goals. This is an invaluable resource in discipling our children and grandchildren with the aim of presenting them mature in Christ. This catechism will play a vital role as we tell the next generation “the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord."
Reading the truths in this catechism was both enlightening in its simplicity, and profound in the depth of its theology. Our Apostle asked for prayer that he’d speak the deep truths of the gospel with clarity (Colossians 4:4), and this work achieves that end, to equip and edify both parents and their children alike.


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