Apologetics Book List

Pratt, Richard L. 1979. Every Thought Captive. Phillipsburg: P&R.

Keller, Timothy. 2008. The Reason For God: Belief In An Age Of Skepticism. New York: Dutton.

Frame, John M. 2015. Apologetics: A Justification of Christian Belief. (Second Edition edited by Joseph E. Torres). Phillipsburg: P&R.

Biblical Studies Book List


Grey, Jacqueline. 2008. Them, Us And Me: How The Old Testament Speaks To People Today. (Australasian Pentecostal Studies Supplements 2) Sydney: APS Press.

Roberts, Vaughan. 2009. God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible. Nottingham: IVP.

Goldsworthy, Graeme. 1981. Gospel and Kingdom: A Christian Interpretation Of The Old Testament. Exeter: Paternoster.

Goldsworthy, Graeme. 1991. According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation Of God In The Bible. Sydney: Lancer.

Old Testament

Harrison, R K. 1970. Introduction to the Old Testament. London: The Tyndale Press.

Longman, Tremper III. & Dillard, Raymond B. 2006. An Introduction to the Old Testament. (Second Edition) Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

New Testament

Guthrie, Donald. 1990. New Testament Introduction. (4th Revised edition) Leicester: Apollos.

Carson, Don A., Moo, Douglas J. & Morris, Leon. 1992. An Introduction to the New Testament. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

Systematic Theology Book List

Frame, John M. 1987. A Theology of Lordship: 1 The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God. Phillipsburg: P&R.

Frame, John M. 2002. A Theology of Lordship: 2 The Doctrine of God. Phillipsburg: P&R.

Frame, John M. 2008. A Theology of Lordship: 3 The Doctrine of the Christian Life. Phillipsburg: P&R.

Frame, John M. 2010. A Theology of Lordship: 4 The Doctrine of the Word of God. Phillipsburg: P&R.

Grudem, Wayne. 1994. Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

Church History Book List

Renwick, A.M. & Harman, A.M. 1999. The Story of the Church. (Third Edition) Leicester: IVP.

Practical Ministry Book List

Clowney, Edmund P. 1995. The Church. (Contours of Christian Theology). Downers Grove: IVP.

Anything from the Christian Counselling and Education Foundation, Philadelphia.

Commentaries for your Quiet Time

Bible Speaks Today Series

Calvin’s Commentaries.